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Snsd dating allkpop forum

it's still March, but is...

Welcome to our community. Discussion in ' Celebrity Gossip ' started by KimchilicousJul 5, Want to join in on the discussion?

no girl you're asking for...

It's easy to sign up! Welcome to our community Sign Up Now! Jul 4, Messages: Hopefully studying Acting or Music Production Location: New York, New York City lol i wish.

Okay so i'm pretty sure the title says it all, basically just share all the rumours you know about any Group, Idol or Celeb. Bashing or hating idols is prohibited, if you want to Snsd dating allkpop forum idols than go find the bashing thread. Just Snsd dating allkpop forum reminder, the intention of this thread is not to create lies or misinform users. Allow me to begin: There is at least one member in BTS that is dating Speculated to be V or Jimin, maybe even Jungkook Supposedly 'innocent' members with no dating history have in fact Snsd dating allkpop forum and moonlight32 like this.

Dec 4, Messages: You might as well add Snsd dating allkpop forum bts" at the end of the title. Jun Snsd dating allkpop forum, Messages: Love sharing tea and gossip. Snsd dating allkpop forum have quite a lot on bts. The only reason I would say anything here is to stop people from babying them, gross shipping and realize these are grown ass men who do grown ass things.

I'll Snsd dating allkpop forum of gently. All 7 of them. Everything you see is because they're close like family and Snsd dating allkpop forum of it is fanservice.

Namjoon Snsd dating allkpop forum a young producer at one of those music shows Snsd dating allkpop forum Korea. Jimin has been in a relationship all of Not sure if he still is, but leaning on yes.

What the OP wrote about V - Well yeah kind of. MySamfraise09 and Kimchilicous like this. All credits to whoever found this: Remember that these are rumours. Not all are true, you should base the truth on your perspective of these idols Red Velvet are not exceptionally close but they do get along with each other however, one member is known for Snsd dating allkpop forum extreme attitude problems NCT Ten is an amazing dancer but can be seen as arrogant by some BTS members are extremely close but there are a few members who argue often Vixx members are overall very close even though they supposedly tease a few members Snsd dating allkpop forum lot.

I just realized your disclaimer Snsd dating allkpop forum isn't exactly a place I'm comfortable with posting tea tbh. I know a lot but can't share it.

Mar 28, Messages: May 31, Messages: You know, I like these topics, but you've got to give us a Snsd dating allkpop forum.

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Because I can also say whatever I want without proof. And those who think their oppas are "pure", need a reality check.

I bet seohyun from snsd...

Jul 24, Messages: I'm betting it's Snsd dating allkpop forum. His aura gives off that vibe. Mar 26, Messages: Feb 10, Messages: Minyoongimin Married to Juliabuhuhu. Nov 1, Messages: Mar 21, Messages: GD is actually the head of the reptil Snsd dating allkpop forum BTS is a group specifically made to encourage young people Snsd dating allkpop forum join the army that's why the fandom name SNSD are actually androids made in SM basement, except for tiffany, she just have good genes All members of exo are actually dwarfs, we see them tall thanks to camera effects, however said effects seems to not affect D.

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The purpose of this thread...

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