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The FBI has seized and...

Backpage forum Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Log in or Backpage forum up. It has fully paid all operational costs for your HardForum enjoyment! Apr 7, 1. The FBI has seized and shut down classified advertising website Backpage. Founder Michael Lacey was charged with Backpage forum count indictment after his home was raided by authorities.

The Department of Justice DOJ says almost every single sex trafficking case involves online ads, mostly from Backpage. According to the DOJ, Backpage forum biggest issue with these websites is that it facilitates sex trafficking for people who would have been Backpage forum sheepish to pursue sex on the streets, especially to look for children.

MegalithApr 7, Apr 7, 2. Apr 7, 3.

DF-1Apr 7, Apr 7, 4. Azureth must be devastated Craig's List and now Backpage Apr 7, 5. Because this will stop it. Good job FBI, you're Backpage forum nothing! Mut1nyApr 7, Backpage forum LightsOut41ArmeniusRanceJustice and 2 others like this.

Apr 7, 6. Now I have to walk to the street corner to find a date. Mega6Apr 7, Armenius and AceGoober like Backpage forum. Apr 7, 7. Damn, and was going to Backpage forum around.

The Mad AtheistApr Backpage forum, Apr Backpage forum, 8. Apr 7, 9. I'm blown away at the sheer number of colorful emoji and symbols. HallucinatorApr 7, Armenius and auntjemima like this. Apr 7, BlakestrApr Backpage forum, I never get why these site operators simply don't move Backpage forum and their servers overseas. Silk road had their servers overseas but the dude still lived in the states. Why not simply move yourself and your Backpage forum to a country that isn't influrnced Backpage forum the US or where prostitution is otherwise legal.

AccursedApr 7, Dang, another site I didn't hear about until too late. I do wonder what they consider "sex trafficking" is it just any pay for sex thing, or are we talking sex slaves?

And did anyone consider, like simply issuing them a warning first, give 'em a chance to clean up their act? Finally is maybe not a such a site useful to leave up if it's doing what they say it is and, ya' know, catch the pimps and other bad Backpage forum, who will now simply move on to some Backpage forum site.

Backpage forum yes, I haven't read the article, post first read later is my motto WhoMeApr 7, Sounds like there's a hole in the market guys. Let's get to work!

Who wants Backpage forum set up the Cayman Islands accounts? SpideyApr 7, Accursed and AceGoober like this. Backpage forum and AceGoober like this.

Backpage shut down by the...

So when are they going to actually do something that helps prevents sex trafficking? Good to see them concentrating on the major issues.

IcePickFreakApr 7, KdawgApr 7, Just legalize prostitution already. As soon as Backpage forum baby boomers whither away and Backpage Backpage forum I bet we will see this change finally come about. That generation has really held back progress in the US. Backpage forum and Accursed like this.

ArmeniusWhoMe and primetime like this. ArmeniusXinmosni and WhoMe like this. BSmith and The Mad Atheist like this. BasicCandorApr 7, Grow up and accept reality. Out of your year old fantasy world. Craigslist removed the "therapeutic" section yesterday. Backpage forum thought that was odd because they left the personals there Backpage Backpage forum if you actually click on the personals it takes you Backpage forum the following message: Any tool or service can be misused.

We can't take such risk without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully Backpage forum Backpage forum personals offline. Hopefully we can Backpage forum them back some day.

News for backpage continually updated...

To the millions of spouses, partners, and couples Backpage forum met through craigslist, we wish you every happiness! Like squishing liquid mercury - Backpage forum just moves. Armenius and The Mad Atheist like this.

Apr 8, Honestly ive known a few prostitutes in my life. All participated in the lifestyle to pay for drugs. Arcygenical Backpage forum, Apr 8, YeuEmMaiMaiApr 8, To those saying that we should just legalize prostitution; there have been a number of studies in Europe showing that legalizing prostitution Backpage forum the amount of human trafficking going on; the expanded market for prostitutes overwhelms the number of women doing it voluntarily.

This is why France decided to make prostitution illegal in well, made it illegal to buy, but Backpage Backpage forum illegal Backpage forum sell; they want trafficking victims to be Backpage forum to come forward Backpage forum being worried about being charged with a crime after it had been legal for decades.

Here is one of the Backpage forum showing legal prostitution leads to more human trafficking. ThatguybilApr 8, KdawgApr 8, Yay more action from the morality police. Armenius and Farkle like this. WorldExclusiveApr 8, Your name or email address: Do Backpage forum already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: