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Dating a cold hearted personality


A character with a Sugar-and-Ice Personality Dating a cold hearted personality two distinct sides, one cold and distant, the other warmer and open. In some cases the differences between the two aspects Dating a cold hearted personality the character's personality are so radical as to be shocking coming from the same person.

Their dual nature could also simply be the way they are, with no explanation otherwise given. The cold side can have a few different variants, though the Ice Queen or Ice King is probably the most common, mixing aloofness and distance with a certain harshness and lack of sympathy.

Another manifestation of this side is as The Stoicbeing simply unemotional and unresponsive rather than harsh. Occasionally this cold part of their personality may resemble a full-on Emotionless Girlor include the sharp-tongued aspects of The Snark Knight. The warm side, on the other hand, is usually quite kind, open and emotive. Some variations can be very animated when in the right situation, though others may be Shrinking Violetsuncertain how to interact with others when Dating a cold hearted personality acting tough.

Even the Dating a cold hearted personality, however, usually wear at least a small smile or sport a Luminescent Blush to indicate that they are far more emotionally reactive than their cold side. Usually, their cold side is the one everyone is used to, with the warmer side only glimpsed in response to specific triggers.

In many cases, all it Dating a cold hearted personality is getting to know the person before the warm side begins to make an appearance. More rarely, the frosty side is the seldom-seen aspect and is only evoked when they are confronted by something they find annoying or tedious.

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Often this is a bumbling Love Interest who doesn't know what he's done wrong. While there are occasions where the cold side is a maskthis by no means describes all examples. In such cases both sides are genuine aspects of their personality, the character is simply compartmentalized to a much greater degree than most people are. Sometimes related to Beneath the Mask. Anime fandom refers to this character as a kuudere a portmanteau of kuuru"cool" in Engrishand deredere"lovestruck".

Rei Ayanami Expy is a specific subtrope with a particular set of characteristics. Not to be confused with An Ice Personthough sometimes they overlap. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

Have you ever seen her this happy? Dude, I didn't know Raven could do happy. Later, however, she starts showing her warm, affectionate side towards Watanuki Ai Dating a cold hearted personality Kusabi has Iason Mink who is an Artificial Human that expressed very little emotion until he fell in love.

Angel from Angel Beats! This is Dating a cold hearted personality weird case because she's the antagonist In the final episode, she drops the cold facade entirely now that almost the entire cast has moved on. She spends the episode smilinghumming and singing about tofu, and being the most adorable thing ever. Attack on Titan provides numerous examples, Dating a cold hearted personality completely justified due to the Crapsack World they live in.

Extremely stoic and aloof, yet she's caring and fiercely protective of her adoptive brother Eren and also has a soft spot for Armin.

Annie Leonhart is a cold and distant Dark Action Girlbut Eren and Armin both state that she hides her true kindness. Her gentle smile and playful teasing of Eren while teaching him to fight seems to suggest there's some truth to their belief. Bertolt Hoover is extremely soft-spoken and comes across as being The Stoic due to his tendency to linger silently in the background. But once he begins getting more attention, it becomes clear he's caring but painfully shy.

It's justified in an incredibly tragic way, Dating a cold hearted personality he doesn't have the luxury of showing his warmer side to people due to being The Mole.

cold-hearted--as in "cold fish" or...

Levi shows hints of this, normally coming across as harsh and cold. But he can show surprising kindness to others, usually in very subtle ways. Considering that he's the World's Strongest Man among Dating a cold hearted personality Red Shirt Armyletting people get too close rarely ends well. Hange Zoe is one of the rare flipped versions, usually being very warm, kind, and easygoing. But when the situation calls Dating a cold hearted personality it or the stress is becoming too much for anyone to bear, Hange quickly becomes cold, harsh, merciless, and prone to violent bouts of anger.

Axis Powers Hetalia Switzerland: This gun-toting and cynical xenophobe with a Hair-Trigger Temper melts like butter when his little sister Liechtenstein is around.

Scares everyone with his Face of a Thugbut he's quite the playful guy on the inside, as his profile mentions. Seen in the strip right after the "Chibitalia" chapter, where much to Hungary's shock he takes up the rest of Chibitalia's daily chores for once. Also seen in the Valentines strip, when Germany pointed out that Austria would get lost if he went out to purchase a present for his ex-wife Hungary, he opted to make her a gift and ask someone else to give it to her.

She was very much "aaaawwww" when she found out. Iceland was mentioned to be Hot-Blooded inside and keeping it cool outside. This was thought to be an Informed Ability Japan shows little emotion on his faceremains relatively stoic even when angryand is the epitome of Inscrutable Oriental overall He keeps close relationships with both America, in spite of his often patience-testing personalityand Greece, with whom he shares a love of cats.

Sakaki from Azumanga Dating a cold hearted personalitynatch. So, so very compassionate and cute on the inside, but outside, she looks like a cold, tough Huge Schoolgirl. She manages to break out of her cold, reticent shell once she finally manages to pet a cat without getting hurt.

A Shrinking Violetbut only because she laments never being cute as a child. Casca from Berserk is a mix of this and the Defrosting Ice Queen. She starts off distant, cool - even cold Dating a cold hearted personality collected but Dating a cold hearted personality Dating a cold hearted personality her comrades, but after awhile, she starts showing a sensitive side that no one would Dating a cold hearted personality have expected from a woman of her profession once Guts defrosts her which would make her behavior Dating a cold hearted personality personality a lot more understandable other than the whole Love Triangle thing, since Casca is the sole female member in a group of mercenaries AND she's second in Dating a cold hearted personality, so she must always put on a facade of seriousness so that her male cohorts would not falter under her command.

Byakuya is aloof and stoic on the surface. Underneath, he's Not So Stoicbeing very compassionate, having very deep feelings for the people he becomes attached to and he's even hiding a Hot-Blooded temper that tends to Dating a cold hearted personality itself as Tranquil Fury whenever triggered. The reason for his mask is that he's an extremely high-ranked noble who had to learn decorum as befitted his social position.

As a child, before he'd learned such Dating a cold hearted personality graces, he had a Hair-Trigger Temper and everyone knew it. Ryuuken is such an aloof, stoic, bitter man that his son actually believed his own father wanted Dating a cold hearted personality kill him, and Ryuuken himself has claimed he doesn't care whether Dating a cold hearted personality son lives or dies.

Percia in Boarding School Juliet. One minute she's cuddling her boyfriend, the next she goes 'Okay, back to business' and pushes him Dating a cold hearted personality while outlining her Dating a cold hearted personality. Karl-Heinz Schneider from Captain Tsubasa looks cool, professional and proud, but, holy shithe's loving towards his parents and his little sister. Fiore from Chrono Crusade comes across this way because of her outward Emotionless Girl personality.

She believes Dating a cold hearted personality to be completely without emotions and can often be blunt in a very polite sort of waybut when Joshua gets into a fight she later admits with tears in her eyes that she was "so worried", and she goes out of her way to make sure all of the Sinners eat their veggies.

Little Miss Snarker Anya, too. She tries to act aloof all the time, but she's much more emotional than she lets on. She's supposed to be a Doll unable to feel any kind of emotion, but as the series progresses she shows more and more capacity to express human feelings. Then there's Kiriharawho is cool and professional at first glance, but almost Moe when she's not on the job. Nicol in Destruction Flag Otome is rather sweet and head over heels in love with Katarina, but because he's a Dating a cold hearted personality awkward and not naturally inclined to be expressive she hasn't the faintest idea, though she does recognize Dating a cold hearted personality he's a nice guy with a gorgeous smile.

When she is first introduced in Detective ConanAi Haibara is distant to others around her, and has been left very cynical and jaded due Dating a cold hearted personality life within the Organization and the loss of her older sister. The true sugar within the ice only shows itself in certain situations, such as Dating a cold hearted personality she's around animals. The friendship of the actual children around her and Conan gradually bring her out of that shell over the course of the story, as later chapters feature her smiling more frequently and willingly engaging in the childrens' activities more often.

Android 18 is very cold unless she is Dating a cold hearted personality Krillin and their daughter, in which case she drops her coldness and shows her warmer side. Piccolo counts to some extent. He is cold, dispassionate and aloof, but has a soft Dating a cold hearted personality for Gohan. For all of her YanderenessLucy from Elfen Lied. She's cold and deeply cynical, but only because she's been hurt so badly every time she lets her guard down.

She may slaughter humans without hesitation or remorse, but her capacity for love is still very real.

A cold-hearted person may be...

Eureka from Eureka Seven is like this at the beginning of the series. She switches between being pretty much an Emotionless Girl and a kind girl who is a loving mother to her adopted children. Her warmer personality eventually takes over thanks to the influence of her lover Renton. Then Reiji "Marco" Maruko took over the team, Dating a cold hearted personality a Second Place Is for Losers -driven reign of terror, and started crippling opposing players, all in the name of his crush on her ; this drives her straight into Emotionless Girl territory.

Erza is very serious and stern, especially when she's introduced. However, she's a caring and loyal friend just like everyone in the guild. She also shows a very soft and vulnerable side around Jellal. Juvia has shades of this, especially during her earliest appearances.

Normally a rather gloomy Dating a cold hearted personality Girlher iciness literally melts Dating a cold hearted personality moment Gray enters her life.

Zeref has a personality like this. Though he hasn't been shown acting particularly warm, he has a side to him that's calm and worries about the well being of others, which is how he behaves half the time. The other half Dating a cold hearted personality the time he's downright murderous. Rogue spends most of his time not emoting or expressing interest in anything other than Gajeelbut when one of his guild members gets kicked out in a way that makes his Exceed companion Dating a cold hearted personality that they may go next, Rogue gets a Pet the Dog moment smiling and assuring Frosch that he'll be there to make sure that doesn't happen.

Despite being often pegged as Dating a cold hearted personality from Free! His sugar side mostly arises when in the proximity of large bodies of water.

A character with a Sugar-and-Ice...

Yuki is hostile toward Kyo, Ayame and polite but indifferent toward anyone else, but he's incredibly nice and sweet to Tohru. His Character Development involves him trying to open up to people other than her. Tohru seems to invoke this reaction in almost anyone she meets, due to her loving nature.

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