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Assessing the groundwater fortunes of aquifers in Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes White Volta BasinGhana: An application of numerical groundwater flow modeling and isotopic studies.

Effective development and informed management of groundwater resources represent a critical opportunity for improved rural water supply in Ghana and enhanced livelihoods particularly in the northern part of the White Volta Basina region already prone to a myriad of water-related infirmities. This research presents the results of a preliminary assessment of the hydrogeological conditions and recharge regimes of the aquifers in the Northern parts of the White Volta BasinGhana.

Results of estimates of groundwater recharge through the conventional isotopic and mass balance techniques are presented.

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Details of the groundwater flow pattern and preliminary delineation of local and regional groundwater recharge areas are presented from initial simulations of the hydrogeological system with a robust Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes flow simulation code, MODFLOW, in the Groundwater Modeling System, GMS, version 7.

The stream flow and evapotranspiration components of the program were activated to incorporate surface flow processes, so that the resulting model represents the conditions of the entire hydrological system.

A system dynamics simulation model for sustainable water resources management and agricultural development in the Volta River BasinGhana. In a rapidly changing water resources system, dynamic models based on the notion of systems thinking can serve as useful analytical tools for scientists and policy-makers to study changes in key system variables over time.

In this paper, an integrated system dynamics simulation model was developed using a system dynamics modelling approach to examine the feedback processes Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes interaction between Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes population, the water resource, and the agricultural production sub-sectors of the Volta River Basin in West Africa.

The objective of the model is to provide a learning tool for policy-makers to improve their understanding of the long-term dynamic behaviour of the basinand as a decision support tool for exploring plausible policy scenarios necessary for sustainable water resource management and agricultural development. Structural and behavioural pattern tests, and statistical test were used to evaluate and validate the performance of the model.

Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes results showed that the simulated outputs agreed well with the observed reality of the system. A sensitivity analysis also indicated Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes the model is reliable and robust to uncertainties in the major parameters.

Results of the business as Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes scenario showed that total population, agricultural, domestic, and industrial water demands will continue to increase over the simulated period. Besides business as usual, three additional policy scenarios were simulated to assess their impact on water demands, crop yield, and net-farm income. These were the development of the water infrastructure scenario 1cropland expansion scenario 2 and dry conditions scenario 3.

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The results showed that scenario 1 would provide the maximum benefit to people living in the basin. Overall, the model results could help inform planning and investment decisions within the basin to enhance food security, livelihoods development, socio-economic growth, and sustainable management of natural resources.

InVolta Region was one of the two regions in Ghana that recorded a high prevalence of teenage pregnancy, accounting Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes This study aimed to determine the prevalence of contraceptive methods accessed by person, place, and time in Volta Region, Ghana We calculated proportions and described trends.

Over the five-year period, there wereAdriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes Contraceptive methods were most commonly accessed by male and female between 20 and 29 years.

All the districts in Volta Region did not access contraceptives adequately. The Volta Regional Health Directorate should encourage and support research to ascertain factors influencing uptake of contraceptive methods in all the districts. Geochemical compositions of Neoproterozoic to Lower Palaeozoic?

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Constraints on provenance and tectonic setting. Many researchers have investigated the provenance and tectonic setting of the Voltaian sediments using the geochemistry of Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes in the basin. The shales and siltstones in the basin have not been used much in the provenance studies.

In this paper, the geochemistry of shales and siltstones in the Kwahu Group and Oti Group of the Voltaian Supergroup from Agogo and environs in the southeastern section of the basin has constrained the provenance and tectonic setting. Some intermediate rocks of andesitic composition are also identified, while the recycled sediments were probably derived from the basement metasedimentary rocks. Trace-element ternary discriminant diagrams reveal passive margin settings for sediments, though some continental island arc settings sediments were also depicted.

Mixing calculations based on REE concentrations and modeled chondrite-normalized REE patterns suggest that the Birimian basement complex may be the source of detritus in the Voltaian Basin. REEs are more associated with shales than siltstones. On this basis chondrite-normalized REE patterns show that shale lithostratigraphic units may be distinguished from siltstone lithostratigraphic units.

The significant variability in shales elemental ratios can therefore be used to distinguish between shales of the Oti Group from that of the Kwahu Group. Commodification of Ghana 's Volta River: An Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes of Ellul's Autonomy of Technique.

Jacques Ellul argued that modernity's nearly exclusive reliance on science and technology to design society would threaten human freedom. Of particular concern for Ellul was the prospect of the technical milieu overwhelming culture. The Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes of the Volta River in order to modernize Ghana illustrates the Ellulian dilemma of the autonomy….

Volta Delta communities find it difficult to absorb or bear risk at different levels, because of the physical and economic impacts of environmental hazards. In this regards various agencies and organizations have in recent years launched initiatives to measure and identify risk areas with a set of indicators and indices. The Cox proportional hazards regression model will be used as the model for the risk profile. Finding the optimal level of environmental risk for activities in the Volta Delta considering the risk required, risk capacity and risk tolerance.

Using data from different sources, an environmental risk profile was developed for the Volta Delta. The result indicates that risks are distributed across the Delta.

However, areas that have government interventions, such as sea defense system and irrigation facilities have less threat. In addition wealthy areas do effectively reduce the threat of any form of disaster. Stories from Lake Volta: Child trafficking is one of the worst forms of child maltreatment and is often difficult to recognize when it happens intra-country. This paper presents the narratives of children on their experiences as victims of trafficking in fishing communities along the Volta Lake in the Volta region of Ghana.

The narratives were co-constructed with the children through child-friendly participatory approaches which involved drawings, writing, and in-depth interviews. Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes stories reflect the magnitude of maltreatment trafficked children suffer, which ranges from physical to psychological and emotional.

The authors recommend commitment by the government to the implementation of the Human Trafficking Act to deter child traffickers. Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes studies on Adriaan bergh and melinda Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes dating quotes living conditions of Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes children and the need to implement strategies to prevent re-trafficking are suggested. The water balance terms are estimated based on remotely sensed data from online open access databases.

The main difference with other methods is the use of Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes data, limiting the errors due to the use of static data. The transboundary Volta basin in West Africa is vulnerable to floods and droughts that damage properties and take lives. Residents are dependent on subsistence agriculture, mainly rainfed, which is sensitive to changes and variation in the climate.

Spatially, rainfall shows high spatiotemporal Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes with a south-north gradient of increasing aridity. As in many basins in semi-arid environments, most of the rainfall in the Volta basin returns to the atmosphere.

The competition for scarce water resources will increase in the near future due to the combined effects of urbanization, economic development, and rapid population growth. Moreover, upstream and downstream countries do not agree on their national priorities regarding the use of water and this brings tensions among them. Burkina Faso increasingly builds small and medium reservoirs for small-scale irrigation, while Ghana seeks to increase electricity production.

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Information on current and future water resources and uses is thus fundamental for Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes actors. On the potentials of multiple climate variables in assessing the spatio-temporal characteristics of hydrological droughts over the Volta Basin. Multiple drought episodes over the Volta basin in recent reports may lead to food insecurity and loss of revenue.

However, drought studies over the Volta basin are rather generalised and largely undocumented due to sparse ground observations and unsuitable framework to determine their space-time occurrence.

In order to determine the space-time patterns of hydrological drought in the basinIndependent Component Analysis ICAa higher order statistical technique was employed. The results show that SPI and SRI exhibit inconsistent behaviour in observed wet years presupposing Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes non-linear relationship that reflects the slow response of river discharge to precipitation Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes after a previous extreme dry period.

The ICA-derived spatio-temporal hydrological drought patterns show Burkina Faso and the Lake Volta areas as predominantly drought zones. Further, the statistically significant negative correlations of pacific decadal oscillations 0. Finally, our approach in drought assessment over the Volta basin contributes to a broad framework for hydrological. Towards Climate Change Adaptation. For Burkina Faso and Ghanathe river is the main natural resource around which the development of the diverse sectors of the two economies is built.

Whereas Ghana relies heavily on the river for energy, land-locked Burkina Faso continuously develops the water for agricultural purposes. Such important role of the river makes it an element around which there are potential conflicts: This study documents the changes in temperature and precipitation extremes in the Black Volta Basin region for the past and makes projections for the mid-late 21st Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes under two emission scenarios; RCP 2.

Couple Comparison

Observed daily records and downscaled CORDEX data of precipitation and maximum and minimum temperatures are used for historical and future trend analysis respectively. In general low emission scenarios show increases in the cold extremes.

The region shows a consistent pattern of trends in hot extremes Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes the 's. An increasing trend in hot extremes is expected in the future under RCP 8. Regardless of the emission scenario, projections show more frequent hot nights in the 21st century. Results obtained provide a Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes and first step to understanding how climatic extremes have been Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes in the Volta Basin region and gives an idea of what to expect in the future.

Such studies will also help in making informed decisions on water management. Comparison of maternal health services and indicators in three districts of the Volta Region, Ghana. Ghana 's maternal mortality ratio continues to decline, but is not expected to meet the Millennium Development Goal MDG 5 target.

The Ghana Health Service and Ministry of Health Adriaan bergh and melinda bam dating quotes displayed a high commitment to the improvement of maternal health in the country.

One of the most recent partnerships directed at this is with the Korea International Cooperation Agency. This study was conducted among women between ages 15 and 49 resident in Keta Municipal, Ketu North and Ketu South districts in the Volta Region of Ghana who were pregnant or who had children aged less than five.

Data were collected using questionnaires, entered into Stata version 12 and analyzed using frequency distribution and assessment of means.

Comparisons among districts were conducted using chi square test and one way analysis of variance ANOVA. The study covered women whose mean age was Almost all participants Delivery in a health facility was highest in Keta Municipal Factors associated with induced abortion at selected hospitals in the Volta Region, Ghana.

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Induced abortion rates remained persistently high in the Volta Region of Ghana in the 5 years from to

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