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Michelle Monkou July 26, 8: Join me every week as I share a Author soman chainani dating shout-outs on romance author goings-on, related events and recommended reads. Soman Chainani wholeheartedly believes in fairy tales. When studying at Harvard, he practically created his own fairy-tale major. He lives in New York City. The bestselling three-book series The School for Good and Author soman chainani dating not only sold more than half a million copies in 20 countries, but also is set to be a major motion picture by Universal Pictures.

Soman, I had the pleasure of reading your bio to my college-age daughter. Thank you so much! I can think of no greater punishment than inflicting my bio on a teenager. So, why write about fairy tales? What cultural or societal impact have fairy tales stirred to shape our thinking or acceptance or challenge of gender roles? My parents figured Disney was an Author soman chainani dating surrogate parent to my two brothers and me.

Until age 8 or so, Author soman chainani dating movies were all I watched. Everything I learned about storytelling — and about fairy tales in general — I learned from Disney. When I went to college, however, and took a class about the history of fairy tales, I became fascinated by the gap between the original stories and the Disney revisions I had grown up with. Somewhere in that gap, The School for Good and Evil was born.

Take The Little Mermaid for instance.

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As a result of Author soman chainani dating terrible decisions, she pays the Author soman chainani dating of losing her voice, her freedom, her prince, her family, her friends … and ultimately her life, too. Moreover, she marries Prince Eric without him ever hearing her speak a single word. As if by sacrificing her own voice for her man, she has indeed made a noble and virtuous choice.

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What kind of lesson is that! But with The School for Good and Evil, I wanted to really get back to the core of Author soman chainani dating original stories and give young readers a taste of what a real fairy tale is. Because a real fairy tale is meant to Author soman chainani dating a Survival Guide to Life: As a result, the characters are naturally and fundamentally unsafe. In the course of a story, a boy or girl might end up with a pot of gold and an Ever After — or you could lose your head or end up pushed into an oven.

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The reader vicariously tried to survive the gingerbread house, the hook-handed captain, or the apple-carrying crone at the door just like the characters did. In recent years, fairy-tale mash-ups, retellings and revisions have become Author soman chainani dating — first, as a response to Disney, and second, because the source material is just so good. That said, I had my sights set on something more primal: To acknowledge the past — the alumni of the genre, so to speak — and move on to a new class.

As for irresistible Author soman chainani Author soman chainani dating I focused in on how scary female villains often are, compared to Author soman chainani dating male counterparts. I never understood why Disney used female villains so sparingly. Ursula, Maleficent, Cruela, the Wicked Queen … not to mention the rather slinky, effeminate qualities of Scar and Jafar.

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What makes female villains so alluring is the fact that they cannot rely on brute strength. Instead they must deliciously manipulate, through subterfuge, seduction, and disguise. Only with the females do we really sense the attraction of Evil and the sheer charisma, cleverness, and force of personality it requires to vanquish Good.

Did you purposely choose to bring your stories out for younger adults Author soman chainani dating. What was your initial vision for the series? So I just took a deep breath and let it rip — telling the story that felt right to me and that Author soman chainani dating wanted to tell. I had no idea who it would ultimately be for, but I knew I wanted Author soman chainani dating write a fresh fairy tale. As for the original vision, I knew there would Author soman chainani dating three books, each dedicated to finding the gray area between the binaries that have come to dominate our view of the world: I just prayed that I would have the opportunity to write all three books, because I had a grand plan for Sophie Author soman chainani dating Agatha and wanted the chance to get them to The End.

Author soman chainani dating you following your dreams from childhood? I was only good at two things in my life: The problem with writing, however, is that around 18 or 19, you start to panic: I tried to run Author soman chainani dating from it. There were many years of struggling, of course, but if you Author soman chainani dating with it and believe in your craft, then somehow, some way your break comes.

For your young readers and those who are young Author soman chainani dating heart, Author soman chainani dating message swhether Author soman chainani dating your personal Author soman chainani dating or from the themes in your stories, Author soman chainani dating you impart? The whole series is this exploration of what love really means and what a happy ending really is, away from the usual platitudes of Ever After.

The ending Author soman chainani dating Book 3 will give the clearest answer to that question, for I have my own strong thoughts on what it takes to be happy.

The only way to be happy is simply to be and accept the moment, whatever that moment is. Because, in truth, none of us know what our stories will turn out to be. We only can appreciate that we get to have a story at all. The final book in the series, The Last Ever Afteris out now all around the world.

I finished writing the script for the Author soman chainani dating with Malia Scotch Marmo, who also wrote Hookand was my professor at Columbia Film School!

Thank you for these wonderful, thoughtful Author soman chainani dating. The three Evers stopped dead, looking up at a long, eight-foot-high wall of wilting lilacs, stretching out at the end of the path. What are you doing?! Uma was about to level them both with a stun spell, but it was too late; they were already clawing through the lilacs.

An explosion of colorful shrubs and flowers Author soman chainani dating grown untended on the roof and first-story eaves, and rain had bled the colors into the wood, so that the house had the tint of a rainbow on all its sides. Each was dressed in a tunic of a solid color from head to toe, with matching velvet nightcaps, their tiny feet perfectly fitted into the sculpted shoes.

From the pallor of their hands and the stiffness of their legs, it was clear at once they were all dead. He bucked up, struggling to act the prince. Agatha stayed behind, gaping at the bodies and bright red puddles.

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Heaving tight breaths, she focused on the Author soman chainani dating under her feet, on her chapped, tingling fingers, until her mind slowed enough for her to think. Who would take Author soman chainani dating the trouble to bring seven dwarves from different places back to their old home? Who would kill them in cold blood and organize their bodies so precisely? Agatha shook her head, thinking Author soman chainani dating that horrible scream for help.

Who could be so grotesque … so Evil—. Neither her prince nor her teacher noticed her move from the hedges, nor the door creaking in the wind, as they Author soman chainani dating on from dwarf to dwarf, listening to each small heart. Find out more about Soman and his books at www. Her website is michellemonkou. You can also connect with her on Facebook. Soman Chainani, author of School for Good and Evil series shares.

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