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Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating


Prince is gonebut the epic stories about his life will live on. Over the years, numerous celebrities have shared their own stories of meeting the Purple One — and each retelling is better than the next.

Here are some of the best stories, including the time Prince beat Charlie Murphy in a game of pickup basketball. Perhaps one of the biggest celebrity fans of Prince is Questlove.

The Roots drummer Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating author has been Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating longtime fan of the superstar singer, sharing numerous anecdotes about his run-ins with Prince over the years.

But Questlove's best story comes from his memoir, Mo' Meta Blues. Prince's assistant texted Quest with the invitation, so the drummer showed up at site at 1 in the morning with his girlfriend.

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He also invited along Eddie Murphy because such is Quest's life. They skated for a while at a nearly empty rink — but Prince still hadn't arrived after an hour or so.

Eventually, Prince showed up, briefcase in hand.

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He made Quest put his phone away in coat check, and then the fun began. When I got back, Prince had the briefcase out on the floor.

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They were clear skates that lit up, and the wheels sent a multicolored spark trail into your path. He took Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating out and did a big lap around the rink.

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He could skate like he could sing. He also shared last year that Prince once fired him from a DJ gig and chose to replace the music with something else entirely — a Finding Nemo documentary. It was about playing basketball with Prince in Murphy was at a club with his brother, Eddie Murphy, and friends, when suddenly Prince rolled in with a crew of friends, dressed in a "Zorro-type outfit The sketch also had some of the show's most memorable lines, like " You know where you got that shirt from, and it damn sure wasn't the Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating department.


Watch below and enjoy. Years and years later, Prince got the last laugh — again — by using a photo of Chappelle dressed as him as the cover art to single "Breakfast Can Wait. Watch him talk about it around the 3: The icons were often painted as rivals. In reality, they were friendly with each another. One of the best stories about the two meeting came from Prince's drummer, Bobby Z. Here's how it went down, according to the Star Tribune in Jackson Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating Jones wanted Prince to be part of "We Are the World," but Prince respectfully declined — then made jokes about it later.

The director once told a lengthy story about the time he spent with Prince, shooting documentary footage for a film that never came to fruition. Prince said no, but called Smith up anyway to offer him the doc opportunity, as well as talk about Dogmareligion and curse words he doesn't like 'emamong other things.

Smith tells the story in extreme detail in this video below, retelling Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating call, his time spent at Paisley Park and just generally what it's like hanging with music royalty. He also got insight into what it's like working for Prince, sharing this example from one of the singer's employees, who lets. Prince has been living in Prince world for quite some Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating now.

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Go get it,'" she continues. In a interview with the talk show legend, Prince gave a wonderful, simple Watch dave chappelle prince skit online dating for why he'll always live in Minneapolis.

Weird Al is famous for parodies, but one artist he could never manage to cover was Prince. The pair never "officially" met, Al told Wiredbut they did have a hilariously bizarre situation at the American Music Awards. Here's how Al tells it.

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