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How to get laid today


For me, it was the same. When I How to get laid today got introduced to game, I was doing as many random approaches as I could possibly do a night and had seriously random results and a seriously exhausting experience.

These days I need no more than approaches per night to score but, this happens only because I take my time How to get laid today make the right moves. Picking the right venue is absolutely fundamental.

I almost always score when How to get laid today go there because the dudes that frequent this place are amateurs. When I run my game, I pretty much own the place. After you identify How to get laid today chicks, all you need to do is wait around for an opportunity to present itself. With regards to the smoking area, as soon as you see the chick going outside for a smoke, go after her and make the move.

I personally prefer smoking areas for two reasons: Regardless of where this takes place outside, next to the bar, on the dancefloor the principles are the same. I approach her from How to get laid today front so she can see me coming towards her and then start up a conversation. You need to quickly establish what she wants. In about a half hour I have a fairly clear picture in my mind of what exactly it is that she wants. Does she want to make friends?

Now the next part is purely based on what exactly is it that you want.

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Now the time has come to game this particular prospect. After about 1 hour, 1 hour and a half, if you had decent game you can probably get a make out on the dance floor. Avoid socializing with her friends — you need to be friendly but only for a 1 minute or 2. Avoid approaching too many girls — this is why scouting is so important.

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How to get laid today is without mentioning what getting rejected 5 times does to your confidence. Working this type of game requires some serious conversational skills, going out solo and a decent amount of How to get laid today. The more you do it, the better you get at it and this is the best advice I can ever give you.

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