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Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction


Don't have an Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction recent misty Saturday night at the Main Street Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction center in Miami Lakes, a few doors away from Victoria's Secret and down the street from Ruby Tuesday, two young celebrities mingled with their adoring fans.

It happened inside Johnny Rockets, a retro-looking diner decked out in red leather booths, black-and-white tile floors, and chrome-accented jukeboxes. About 50 kids armed with tiny pink phones and slim silver cameras encircled the two starlets, who at age seventeen were a few years older than the majority of the clientele. Girls with blue nail polish and Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction pants, and boys in striped polos and baggy jean shorts, giggled as they greeted the pair.

Everyone seemed to have braces on their teeth. The shorter girl, Laura Di Lorenzo, was in black Reeboks, tight black capris, and a black tank top. Both had their hair pulled into high and severe ponytails, and both had lined their eyes in what appeared to be black crayon.

Their lips, too, were Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction with a dark brown, almost black, pencil and filled in with deep red gloss. The pair was also adorned in giant gold hoop earrings and dozens of bracelets that made tinkly noises when they moved.

Which was a lot. I saw you on YouTube. Then they snapped into position, with Laura turning sideways and grimacing into the camera while Mimi held up two fingers in a ganglike salute and looked sultry. A girl dressed in a tight polo and jeans emerged from the cluster of teens and asked if they would pose for a photo with her.

The pair stood on either side of the girl. The girls stuck out their Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction. After several more minutes of photos, the girls found a booth at the front of the room, near the counter, which was adorned with an Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction of red and white balloons.

They squeezed into one seat, and Laura ordered onion rings, a grilled cheese sandwich, and an Oreo milkshake. I sat across from them in the booth. A twentysomething waitress with a nametag that read "Naty" requested an autograph, which Mimi and Laura graciously scribbled on the back of an order pad.

I asked how being famous has changed their lives. Just then the lights in the restaurant dimmed. The first few bouncy strains of "Stayin' Alive," the Saturday Night Fever theme song, blasted through several speakers. The diner's dozen or so white-uniform-clad servers lined the aisles for a dance; this is one of the ways the place keeps kids entertained on busy nights.

She pulled Laura from her seat, and they ran to a spot where everyone could see them. They Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction to the beat as the kids sitting at tables hooted and snapped more photos.

It was like a music video come to life. The diner, which until an Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction or so beforehand was just another dull, suburban outpost in another dull, suburban town, suddenly sparkled with the thrill of spontaneity. When the song was over, the girls sat back down, flush with excitement.

What, I asked, Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction the best moment in the past few months, since they had become famous? By last week, the video had received Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction one million hits on YouTube.

Kids post clips of it on their MySpace pages, chant it in the malls, and download it as a ringtone. It has spawned imitators at last count, ninewho have sung the girls' version of the song into a camera and then Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction their performances on YouTube.

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On May 30, two Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction after Mimi and Laura videotaped the song in Mimi's living room, it was the second most requested song on the Top Six at Ninea five-night-per-week call-in request show Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction local radio station Power That was down from several weeks in the number one slot.

The song even has its own entry on Wikipedia. Mimi and Laura have been featured on page one of the Miami Herald and on the national Univision newscast.

And Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction weeks ago, the pair danced with Michael Krop Senior High principal Matthew Welker in front of Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction school's entire student body.

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Kids from all over South Florida have tracked Mimi and Laura down on MySpace; they usually post comments like this recent one from a fifteen-year-old Palm Beach girl named Lauren: The girls have not enlisted any marketing agency nor made any money.

What they have done, however, is bring worldwide attention to the chonga -- an exclusively Miami term for a particular kind of Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction girl. There are no chongas, say, in Los Angeles or New York. Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction might be girls who look like chongas elsewhere on the planet, but the word is used only right here. There are no examples of chongas in popular culture, really.

Bratz dolls -- the sexy-eyed, thick-lipped toys that have names like strippers Jade, Roxxy, and Valentina -- are chongalike in appearance.

Sexual Violence Awareness Events discriminate...

But that was released ina year before Mimi and Laura, and most present-day chongas, were even born. Locally there are known chonga Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction spots: The last, located in West Miami-Dade off the Palmetto Expressway, is affectionately known as "Mall of No Americans" because of its lack of English speakers, its Latin American dining choices in the food court, and the shortage of nationally known retail stores.

It's not difficult to find chonga-looking girls there; all you have to do is walk in the door. On a recent weekend, I found Yunaisy Gonzalez and her friend Yeney Yero sitting at a table eating chicken, plantains, beans, and rice.

Between sips of Materva, they tried to explain the chonga phenomenon. Both girls were dressed in tiny shorts and even tinier tube tops. They wore big earrings and bangle bracelets, and spoke English with distinctly Cuban-Spanish accents. The two said that no, they weren't chongas, but they used to be.

They also tried to give Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction definition; it's largely a style thing, but there's a bit of attitude involved. They stopped dressing like chongas in high school, because, as Yunaisy put it, "You change and you realize it's stupid.

The phenomenon, it's generally agreed, was first spotted in Miami in the late Eighties or early Nineties after Miami Vice and during the rise of Luther Campbell and his Miami bass music.

Sexual Violence Awareness Events discriminate...

Nationally Kurt Cobain and Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction legions of unwashed, flannel-shirt-wearing fans were popular, but these girls in Miami took their style cues from black urban culture and that of cholasMexican-American gangster girls who live in East Los Angeles.

Chongas were almost always teenagers, and usually Cuban, the children of recent immigrants. Many lived in Hialeah. In the early days, this new fashion trend meant wearing tight white bike shorts with a color thong panty underneath, oversize basketball jerseys, and, of course, lots of flimsy usually fake gold jewelry. Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction were plucked to extreme, ridiculous half-circles.

Rico, Rio Piedras Campus was...

Hair was pulled tightly into ponytails, except for two strands at the front, which were either slicked down Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction gel or made to curl in bouncy ringlets to frame the face. Over the years, the chongas' style evolved into wearing so-called Brazilian jeans tight, stretchy, pocketless pants that allow for freedom of movement while dancing and, above all else, accentuate the rear end and tiny tops.

Piedra has made the rounds at local comedy clubs and included the chonga style in his routine. He's noticed that the chonga style has evolved slightly, although it's still somewhat of a rite of passage for the eleven- to sixteen-year-old girls in the area.

There's no way girls can go into a working environment like that. Can you imagine a chonga as a year-old teacher? Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction, who was featured on the TV show Last Comic Standingrecently posted a one-minute thirty-eight-second chonga skit on his MySpace page. It's Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction Chonga Chat. In it he dresses up like one of the girls from his middle Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction memories and pretends to be on a late-night dating chatline TV commercial.

Piedra, who is normally a beefy, muscular guy, sports a high ponytail, red lips, and a white tank top, with chest hair peeking out the top. Iz the most beautiful citeez in Miami. Peek up the phone right now and talk to hot chongas.

Piedra has seen "Chongalicious" and predicts that Mimi and Laura are poised to introduce the trend nationwide. These Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction more like the Brazilian jeans, only shorter at the cuff. Different colors and styles -- blue denim, white stretch, green camouflage -- line the racks at U. Tops, which is a chonga's preferred place to shop.


Everything in the store is boldly colored, tiny, and cheap. Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction pair of capris I spotted was light blue with whisker-wash accents on the thighs. The garment was so small that most American five-year-olds would have a difficult time squeezing into it.

Chonga fashion is not for the middle-aged, or Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction flabby -- although many girls with a few extra pounds seem to wear clothes that are tighter than Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction should be. But chonga style is all about sex appeal, not propriety. They prefer the provocative -- whatever a dancer in a reggaeton video might wear Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction she's prancing around Pitbull's ride.

I was a teenager in the Eighties, at a time when punk rock Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction wasn't sold at Target and the most daring thing anyone ever wore was during prom, when girls changed out of their pastel polo shirts and pressed tan chinos and into poofy-sleeved, Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction gowns that resembled something in King Arthur's Court -- if the lasses in the court wore pastel pink satin getups and feathered, permed hair.

Being sexy, or different, even just a little bit, was the kiss of death for a reputation in those days. One morning my freshman year in high school, I remember pulling on a Sex Pistols T-shirt, a black pleather miniskirt at a modest two inches above the kneefishnet stockings, and pointy-toe black flats. I wore the ensemble to school and was promptly given detention.

Shortly thereafter, my name was written on a girls' bathroom wall with the word slut scrawled next to it. Maybe because of this, or in spite of it, I am in awe of the chongas. They seem to have embraced their sexuality in a brash Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction in-your-face way. Chongas want to be sexy, and damn the consequences. Mimi and Laura's song, many girls say, just affirms this sexy style.

That's why so many of them like Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction, one seventeen-year-old on MySpace told me. The girl, whose name is Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction, goes by the handle "La Chonga de Hialeah" on MySpace and has posted dozens of photos of herself in various sexy and tough poses, including a few that show off her curvy butt with a thong peeking out over her jeans. Gloria said she was sick the day she was supposed to meet me at the Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction, but sent a message to explain why she likes the "Chongalicious" song:.

Mimi and Laura met almost three years ago in ninth grade drama class at Krop High Yamil piedra wife sexual dysfunction Aventura, a performing arts magnet school. They didn't like each other.

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