Silhouettes That Will Dominate SNKRS

2021 is coming to an end and leaks have started hinting at Nike’s plans for the new year. Here is our forecast of the 2022 Nike sneaker trends.

Sneaker’s Instagram pages have started running leaked kicks that are expected to drop over the coming year. With this information, we can kind of see what Nike has planned for the next 12 months and the silhouettes the brand plans to build hype around. Here is our 2022 prediction for Nike sneaker releases.

Air Force 1 Mid Fever

2022 Nike Sneaker Forecast: Silhouettes That Will Dominate SNKRS

This isn’t the first time Nike has hinted at the return of the Air Force 1 Mid. We first explored this idea when the Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Mid surfaced in September 2021. Then we saw the release of the Air Force 1 Mid Jewel to warm reception, especially from the from Jay-Z fans. Since then, official images of an upcoming Stussy x Nike Air Force 1 Mid have leaked.

Nike’s continued efforts to roll out the Nike Air Force 1 Mids could be a sign of their attempt to build some hype around the silhouette, and that leads us to believe there could be more Air Force 1 Mid collaborations to come. come in 2022.

Nike Cortez joins the cycle of collaborations

2022 Nike Sneaker Forecast: The Silhouettes That Will Dominate SNKRS

The sneaker that launched Nike, the Cortez, is finally making a comeback. 2022 marks the 50and anniversary of the silhouette and we can expect Nike to do everything possible to celebrate this milestone. Recent leaks have confirmed this prediction.

Leaks from insider @solebyjc’s Instagram page revealed a sneaker shop, The Union LA Spin on the Cortez. Two weeks later, Single collector received inside information that Sacai is working on a collaboration with Cortez.

If you’ve always loved this sleek retro runner, the good news is that you can expect more hyped versions of this silhouette in the coming year.

Blazers the new Dunk?

Off-White Nike Blazer Leaks: Virgil Breaks His 3% Design Rule

The Blazer is enjoying a resurgence, even in 2021. Ever since their highly anticipated collaboration with Readymade and countless renditions from Sacai and Kaws, the Blazer is no stranger to the SNKRS app.

Looking ahead, new leaks unveiled variants of Off-White and Acronym and a new color Sacai x Kaws Blazer Moo. If this momentum continues, the Blazer could release as often as the Nike Dunk Low. But only time can tell if Nike can create the same level of hype with notable collaborations and celebrity endorsements.

Nike Dunks becomes the Air Jordan 1

Everything we know about the Union LA x Nike Dunk Drop: Early 2021

It’s starting to look like the Dunk will go the way of the Air Jordan 1, which will see Nike milking the popularity of the silhouette by releasing a new colorway and collab every two weeks. People are bound to be jaded by the multiple versions, if they aren’t already. Rendered images by Union LA Dunk, Cactus flea market and Polaroid popped up on social media. At the same time, a Dunk SB “Blueberry” is in preparation alongside a Colorway inspired by St Patricks. @Py_rates also simulated a “Fossil” Dunk set to release in 2022. As we head into the new year, we can certainly expect many more colorways and collaborations to be unveiled in the months to come.

Necessary change

We’re glad to see early leaks hinting at a potential change to Nike’s roster for 2022. The entry of the Air Force 1 Mid, Blazer, and Cortez offer more variety beyond the endless Dunk and Jordan drops that fulfill the SNKRS app calendar. Depending on the brand’s efforts to push, these sneakers could become just as beloved as the Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk.