Sneakerhead arrested after stabbing fellow Manhattan store shopper selling Nike shoes during opening sale

A knife-wielding sneakerhead spoiled the grand opening of a fashionable men’s clothing store on Friday when he sliced ​​another customer after a series of pushes, cops said.

Miguel Ovidio, 20, of Brooklyn was arrested and charged with assault, threat and possession of a weapon after he cut another customer outside of HBX, a new store on Division St. in Chinatown of Manhattan.

Ovidio began swinging the knife after he was run over by people in the crowd, who had lined up for hours to buy a limited-edition Nike sneaker, police and witnesses said.

The fight quickly turned into a melee, witnesses said.

“It was customers who were involved,” said a store manager, who did not want to be named. “They started pushing to get in, getting closer and closer. “They were waiting for the new Nikes. It’s a crowd scene.

The 25,000-square-foot HBX space kicked off its grand opening with the sale of Nike’s limited-edition “Dunk High Pandas,” which retail for around $125.

The store opened at 11 a.m., but the line started to form around 6 a.m., customers said.

Sneakerheads have been known to get new kicks at retail and mark up the price online.

Adding to the tension was a store policy limiting each customer to just one pair. But veteran shoppers have a workaround, either sneaking online or working as a team to get more pairs.

“You can only get one pair at a time, but you can sell them online for real money,” said shopper Mike Guapo, 16, who lives in Chinatown. “Of course the guys are fighting. These just fell.

The seven-story HBX flagship building also houses the Hypebeans cafe, event spaces and employee offices.